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Join us! Dying in the Americas 2018 conference
Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort, Henderson, NV

Benefactors and supporters of the right to die movement invite you to attend Dying in the Americas 2018, a conference dedicated to understanding the handicaps in the success of death with dignity in all of the Americas with a focus on how we can learn from our counterparts in Canada, Latin America, and the U.S.

What will the future hold? Is there a way to have death with dignity without changing our laws? What are our options for expanding laws to serve those who do not fall within current U.S. laws? Is there hope that we can follow in the footsteps of Canada? How can we all achieve a peaceful death?

This conference is sponsored by benefactors, a bequest in honor of David Denton, PhD, and support from the board of Final Exit Network.
Discounted conference and hotel registration rates will end on January 14, 2018. Space is limited for the conference and hotel room block (you must complete conference registration in order to be eligible for hotel registration).

Everyone interested in this important topic will benefit. Hear from new and important voices in the movement. Learn from each other with the hope of framing the future with new and visionary ideas from health care, religious, and legal professionals. We invite you to join the conversation.

Help us come up with ideas for the future – based on current information, new knowledge, and visionary plans. And most of all, meet like-minded individuals dedicated to the right to a death with dignity

in a beautiful, collegial atmosphere, brought together for a common goal – to re-frame the future of dying in the Americas. You will leave this conference, invigorated, inspired, and hopeful for the future of this important movement.

Join us. To learn more, visit www.finalexitnetwork

To receive further mailings about the conference, go to request future details or “Request Info” on the conference information page.

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