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The Swiss group DIGNITAS has survived many controversial battles, now takes it fight for choices in dying further abroad.

NOVEMBER 2017 newsletter of DIGNITAS, Switzerland:

Freedom of choice in one’s life and at life’s end is a human right. In 1998, the non-profit association DIGNITAS – To live with dignity – To die with dignity was born from this conviction.

The European Court of Human Rights backs this principle. Nevertheless, professionally accompanied suicide is still prohibited in many countries. In this way, legislation deprives people of their right to self-determination, which they are entitled to as free and mature citizens.

Our goal is to change this. It takes time and perseverance. As long as in many countries accompanied suicide is still prohibited, members of DIGNITAS have the possibility, under certain prerequisites, to end their lives in dignity and self-determination in Switzerland.

Freedom must not only be fought for, but it must be defended again and again. — www.dignitas.ch

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