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BOOK REVIEW in the Final Exit Network’s newsletter, May 2017

Good Life, Good Death (Carrel Books, New York)
by Derek Humphry

Review by Huck DeVenzio

When I saw this book I wanted to like it so I could write a favorable review. After all, it was by and about a most influential figure in the right-to-die movement.
Happily, I like the book quite a bit, but not for the reasons I expected.
This new book is Derek Humphry s memoir of his
life. I thought I would like it for its information on the start and evolution of death with dignity. That history is covered and is interesting, but I enjoyed even more
the stories Humphry relates: the spelling of his name, his nomadic and nearly parent-less childhood, ducking German buzz bombs in World War II England, launching his career as a journalist, marital bliss and marital tragedy, and the story assignments for his
He has led a fascinating life -the kind
of life that inspires advice like ?You should write a book and he tells his tales in an engaging manner without hyperbole.
I can judge how much I like a book by how hard I
try to squeeze reading chapters between other activities. Do I turn off TV early so I can read longer in bed before falling asleep? I skipped television several times before finishing Good Life, Good Death.


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