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Good Life, Good Death
by Derek Humphry

Would you like an autographed-by-author copy of this 2017 memoir? Also, if you wish, an inscription made out to you personally or a friend?

This is a hardcover volume from Carrel Books, New York, and retails in stores for $34.99 (plus tax). And for $30.99 from Amazon Books, plus tax and shipping. We supply it for $30 together with signature and inscription.

This is the story of Derek s wartime life in WW2 as a schoolboy, his climb from newspaper gopher to staff investigative reporter for the London Sunday Times and the Los Angeles Times.

Also author of 12 nonfiction books — among them < Because They’re Black> which won the Martin Luther King Memorial Prize in 1972.

Then in l975 Derek s life took a dramatic turn when his terminally ill wife of 42 years asked him to help end her life to avoid further suffering in the final stages. He did so, subsequently writing an account of this in which became, to his surprise, an international bestseller.

The right-to-die aspect of this book launched him into an unexpected career of spokesperson for the burgeoning movement. In l980 he founded the Hemlock Society USA to fight for lawful means of medical assisted suicide which had never before been sought in America.

Banned in France only
In l991 Derek published a how-to book [FINAL EXIT] on ending one’s life which first stunned America, then published in 12 major world languages. Calls for its banning failed, except in France. This DIY book became the bestselling nonfiction book in the New York Times for 18 weeks. It is still (with updates) the gold standard in this genre.

Today, at 86, Derek is fondly known as the ‘grandfather’ of the American choice in dying movement. His new memoir is the result of three years of work, at the same time remaining active in the movement. There are 17 pictures, from boyhood onwards.

ERGO can sell you an autographed copy of for $30 USD, including shipping. No sales tax in Oregon.
[Store price is $34.99 plus any tax. Amazon is $30.99 plus tax/shipping] Or you could order it from your local public library.

Good Life, Good Death: The Memoir of a Right to Die Pioneer
by Derek Humphry (Author), Stephen Jamison (Foreword)

Carrel Books, New York. 156 pages. Illustrated. Hardcover $34.99
ISBN-13: 978-1631440663
ISBN-10: 1631440667

For a personalized copy of this book, send $30 (includes shipping). Make check or money order to ERGO (Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization, nonprofit).

24829 Norris Lane
Junction City OR 97448

This book is not yet on the internet ERGO Bookstore. Mail order in N.America only now.

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