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Dutch euthanasia not for strangers
Dutch law does not say one must be Dutch citizen. Where the core of
the law implies a very good, intense relationship with the doctor that
will comply with a request, it is considered to be practically
impossible to travel to the Netherlands for one purpose (euthanasia)

No doctor will welcome you in his/her practice as a new patient
with only one question: /please, terminate my life/, however much that
individual may comply with all (other) criteria.

By the way, during the parliamentary debates – and the texts of these
contributions are considered to be part of the law – it has been made
very clear that euthanasia tourism is out of the question, and the
prosecutor will prosecute a doctor that complies with a request from a

The only way open is to emigrate to the Netherlands, settle there and build a relationship with a Dutch family doctor, before raising the issue of end-of-life decisions and your wishes.
— Rob Jonquiere, Amsterdam
World Federation of Right to Die Societies

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