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Interest in choosing how and when to die has risen dramatically of late. More than 1,200 people underwent an assisted suicide in Switzerland last year, over a third more than in the previous year. In 2014, 742 people (320 men and 422 women) chose an assisted suicide, according to the Federal Statistical Office. In 2003 it was 187.

This is interesting because Switzerland legalized assisted suicide (doctor and non-doctor) as far back as l942. It indicates a serious change in modern attitudes to end-of-life situations.

2 Responses to “Big increase in assisted suicide cases in Switzerland”

  1. manutdsc says:

    I recently purchased a 20 litre canister of Nitrogen. Using the exit bag method of self-deliverance, will that be enough to kill me?

    That amount of the inert gas Nitrogen is lethal

  2. James1 says:

    The delightful 2016 movie “Me Before You” deals in part with a young man’s choice to die. However, I couldn’t figure out why he travels to Switzerland till seeing the list on this website–the Swiss it appears do not require citizenship or residency for assisted suicide. Thank the Swiss for that, anyway.

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