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Be ever vigilant for persons in Mexico, China, Russia and elsewhere who are making a profitable business on the internet/web by offering Nembutal by mail. Usual charge is $500, wired to them in advance.

This is the latest scammer reported to me:
Samuelle Pindolon from Cholula/Puebla/Mexico City. The person had the money wired to an Aura Luna Solares in Mexico City.

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  1. michel says:

    I’ve just been the victim of a scam on the internet as well. Does this mean that there is no real reliable Nembutal sellers on the internet? Then how can a person in Italy get the nembutal without going to Mexico or Peru? Is there someone who already has nembutal and want to sell it to me? But only reliable people not fake or scam! Does the book Final Exit describe how to suicide with nembutal , under a train, or in some other way? If yes, is the book translated in Italian? Thanks for your help.

  2. ergo says:

    Michel — The book ‘Final Exit’ discusses self-deliverance via drugs, self-starvation and dehydration, and the inhalation of inert gasses such as helium and nitrogen.
    The book has been published in Italian but no longer in bookstores. Probably find in used-bookstores or in libraries under the name

  3. michel says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve just bought the book EUTANASIA: USCITA DI SICUREZZA, ISTRUZIONI PER L’USO by Derek Humphry (Eleuthera, Milan). “Final Exit” in Italian translation.

  4. cherezraz says:

    Hi, i have bought Nebutal for my mother but the delivery took long and she past away before i got my package from Mexico. I have it unupacked as i got it.

  5. ergo says:

    There are no reliable suppliers of this drug that I can recommend.
    Almost all are scams…………….Derek Humphry, ERGO

  6. sneu says:

    there are reliable suppliers from .c…… which are named in the PPH ,do you mean they are scammers to ?

    PPH web site has been having troubles with scammers, too. Some impersonating Dr. Nitschke. Wish this was not the case but it is.

  7. lucy says:

    hello all

    i was searching to buy nembutal as well and i got two vendors (they said they are trusted vendors) from the peacfullpill directory.

    one was this Samuelle Pindolon.

    i wrote to her/him and I received a quick response.

    i don’t know how to behave now, can you help me?

  8. ergo says:

    Ordering drugs over the internet is a case of ‘caveat emptor’ — buyer beware. I have yet to find one that is reliable. Most are scams.

  9. rup says:


    Samulle Pindolon (samuellepindolon / cochetartaruga) as listed in the pph is now known to be a scammer. from what i’ve seen on the forums, he was legit at one point in time but his source dried up so now he’s pulling an exit scam taking what he can get while still in the book.

  10. mac says:

    I was scammed by Samuel Pindolon. I am trying with the other person named in the handbook. I have lost £2000 to four different scams. Does anyone know someone reliable or does anyone have any N that they are prepared to sell. Feeling somewhat desperate.

    This loss of cash is appalling. But I keep warning about drug scams on internet. I’ve not yet come across one which is reliably honest.
    I wish it were not so. — Derek H

  11. iampeaceful says:

    Hi I am confident you will find your medicine. There is so much reliable information on here. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Sergio says:

    Unfortunately there are many frauds in Mexico, even though I’m mexican it was really hard to buy pentobarbital in Mexico, nowadays no vet store wants to sell it just as easy like in the past.

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