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Terminally ill persons and their families should be keenly aware that purchasing drugs for self-deliverance (chosen death) over the internet is full of fraud.

There are at least 17 known scammers in this field, and (regrettably) no known honest ones. The usual loss is $500.
Buyers beware! See alternatives.

One Response to “Internet fraud over drugs at its worst”

  1. cherry says:

    also who ever answered my post about removing seal, I did call a vet and they said it was ok to just store with rubber stopper, no regrigeration would help or hurt, i was just told by someone to regrigerate. I just dropped x amount of dollars. whoever commented could you expound why its ruined ? from the cap off, etc. technically, just for information. thanks for answering !!!!!!!

    ANSWER: If the drugs with the cap off, and in a fridge, are consumed within a few weeks, then probably no problem. But in a few months they would be useless due to damp. Never put drugs in a fridge unless in a steel, airtight container. D H

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