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The world’s leading manufacturer of disposable helium cylinders, Worthington Industries, announced in May 2015 that they would be altering the hitherto pure helium contained in their party balloon cylinders with up to 20% air.

Such diluted tanks are not effective in self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness. They are coming into stores now.

If you have tanks already in storage and there is no labeling on them saying HELIUM/AIR, then they are still effective.

Worthington says that they are diluting their new product because of the world shortage of helium. The new tanks will still inflate balloons.
Derek Humphry, Oregon 05.03.2015

6 Responses to “Party balloon kits now 20 percent diluted”

  1. EloiseD says:

    I bought a kit balls(balloons) but I do not know if he(it) is got away from twenty pourcents of air. If he(it) is him(it), what is that that this is effective to die?
    Thanks to the advance for your answers

  2. ergo says:

    Helium diluted by 20 percent is not likely to be effective in self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness. Approach your local “Gas Supply Company” and acquire a full tank of pure helium.

  3. stonetramp says:

    Looking to help a lady I take care of in California and was really hoping for a helium solution. Wouldn’t one be questioned on why you want 100% helium?

  4. ergo says:

    Helium is used to inflate party balloons, underwater diving, science and manufacturing. Try a local gas supplier for the 100% pure gas. Nitrogen is just as good.
    — ERGO

  5. Femke says:

    In my country I can only find a helium tank that is a little bit diluted. They say it’s 94-96% pure. Is that pure enough, or still too diluted?

  6. ergo says:

    That 94-96 percentage should be effective. It’s the 80% helium tanks which are risky.

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