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WARNING – “Party Balloon Time” products

Be sure that any 30-balloon tanks you purchase are marked thus on the box and tank:
HELIUM (.25 m)

If any size of tank or box (30 or 50-balloon) has the words:
These are unsuitable for self-deliverance. Do not use. The manufacturer is now diluting some helium tanks with 20% air because of world shortage of helium. They will be clearly labeled.

Older tanks which you might have stored are OK, but best to check
the small print on the box and tank. Repeat: Don’t buy tanks with the wording “helium/air” on them (although they will still inflate party balloons).
— Derek Humphry, Oregon 23 April 2015

File name helium warning.doc

11 Responses to “Some helium tanks are now 20% diluted”

  1. jeremy says:

    Thank you for the info. I have a question, if someone is able to answer. If someone were to use an exit bag w/ a 300 CF nitrogen tank, would taking a benzo such as Klonopin to relax beforehand cause any problems in the procedure? Since benzos can slow down breathing, I was unsure if that would have any adverse effects or cause someone to lose consciousness more slowly..or if dying would take longer. If someone could answer this for me I would be very grateful. I own the final exit book and have found it very helpful and informative as someone who believes in the right-to-die movement.

  2. ergo says:

    Taking relaxation medicines at the time of self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Any form of drowsiness or poor function would likely hamper the ability to carry out the procedure properly.

  3. lyrf1 says:


    I recently acquired (March 2015) 3 x 50 balloons canisters of helium from Ballon time.
    on the boxes it says NET CONTENT 14,9 F3 HELIUM (.42 M3)

    No mention of helium/air

    Please Confirm if in your opinion they are safe to use for a peaceful exit. I also have the pressure test purchased from store.

    Thanking you in advance

  4. ergo says:

    There are still some helium tanks on store shelves which are the old ones. The useless ones (for self-deliverance) are the new ones marked HELIUM/AIR

  5. mj2012 says:

    Is it common for people to have convulsions and tear off the exit bag while unconscious? Is nitrogen a more inert gas compared to helium, reducing the chances of convulsions? What exactly would cause the exit bag method to fail, causing brain damage?

  6. Juni says:

    How can one ensure that there are no small holes or tears in the heloum hood? Even ones that may not be visible. Concerned about this especially because the hood has been turned inside out a few times (after the elastic was tightened, as recommended in literature) and using the “scrunch method.” Don’t want to risk failure.

  7. ergo says:

    One way to check for holes is to blow into the bag. Another way is to use two bags,
    one over the other.

  8. jameshb says:

    hello there
    i read your chapter on chloroquine and you seem to say that a failure could lead to permanent blindness and deafness.
    in a country where it is still currently available without prescription, but is being phased out, is there any reason to keep some,or do the horrible side effects mentioned above, that accompany a failure, outweigh the worthlessness of having some of this as a fallback measure?

  9. ergo says:

    Re chloroquine: I don’t think it was me who spoke of ‘blindness and deafness’.
    I have written that sometimes when this drug is taken along with some other drugs it does have a bad reaction and does not become lethal. So not advised.

  10. jenr005 says:

    Hello unfortunately I live in the US and it seems
    That only these party time tanks (with air mixture) are available. This is truly horrible to discover, does anyone know if the other brands (helium king) can be purchased in the US? If not, I can travel to England, is there a specific town that is recommended where I ca buy they tanks and then stay in a hotel? It will be more difficult to pull this off but I’ll do what needs to be done. I just can’t believe how horrible this is that there are onlyhelium / air tanks available.

    Is it absolutely certain that these cannot be used for deliverance?

  11. ergo says:

    While tanks containing helium to inflate toy party balloons are now diluted, and therefore no use for self-deliverance from a terminal illness, pure helium can normally be purchased at gas store like
    AIRGAS and welding shops, on the main drag of any US city. An even better alternative is nitrogen from the same source.
    Get best details on this at

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