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A state senator wants to make New York the fifth state to allow assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Democrat Brad Hoylman said his proposed law would permit doctors to prescribe lethal medication to terminally ill adults who want to take their own lives.

In a memo seeking co-sponsors, Hoylman cited the case of Brittany Maynard, the terminally ill California woman who became the public face of the right-to-die movement when she moved to Oregon to end her life under that state’s “Death With Dignity Act.”

Maynard, who had an aggressive form of brain cancer, took her life on Nov. 1.

“This bill will give capable adults who have been given a terminal medical prognosis a measure of control over their end-of-life care options,” Hoylman said.

2 Responses to “Move to get physician-assisted suicide law in New York state”

  1. ldhk7737 says:

    I have Alzheimer’s and only my husband in the world. If he ever dies before me I’ll be totally left alone. I do not wish to live like that. Am I a candidate for assisted dying either in Oregon, USA or Switzerland? I hope someone can give some advice. This is my worst fear of being left alone without choices.

  2. ergo says:

    A person with Alzheimers is not likely to qualify in Oregon for physician-assisted suicide because the person is not competent according to the law. They might in Switzerland but that is not at all certain.

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