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Brittany Maynard took her life on the day she had predicted, Saturday, November 1, 2014.
A brave person who faced up realistically to the tragedy in her life. Her story has had an impact.

About 70 terminal residents every year in Oregon use this law to hasten their ends.

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  1. midwestauthor says:

    It’s interesting that physician-assisted suicide has been appearing more and more in the news lately, especially the sad situation for Brittany Maynard. I recently wrote and published a novel — “The Last Resort” in which an African country legalizes physician-assisted suicide as a their only way to attract tourists, following the example of other countries with medical tourism. It touches upon the painful decisions that people deal with regarding this subject. It also involves expensive health care, cutting of benefits, etc. It’s not an easy subject to fictionalize, but I hope it makes some people think about what they want and do not want for their own end. — M. Holtz

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