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Last month Derek Humphry was given the World Federation of Right To Die Societies “Lifetime Achievement Award” for ‘contributing so much, so long and so courageously to our right to a peaceful death.’

The award was presented by world president Faye Girsh at the 20th international conference in Chicago on 9/19/2014. It is the first time this award has been made.

Derek began working in the right-to-die movement in l978. He founded the original Hemlock Society USA in 1980. (It ceased in 2003) Since l993 he has been president of the Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization (ERGO).

He is the author of the best-selling books ‘Jean’s Way’ and ‘Final Exit’.

One Response to “Right-to-die activist gets lifetime award”

  1. tayjo120 says:

    I very much appreciate all the hard work Derek Humphry has put towards Euthanasia Research. It is my belief that if someone is suffering enough to the extent that they can’t happily enjoy their life anymore, that they should be able to choose whether they want to end their life or to keep going. Many people believe that having the right to choose when you die is “against God’s will”, but I don’t believe you should have to suffer anymore than you can take. If you’re suffering to the point where you can’t live a normal life, then what kind of life is that? Yes, it is very upsetting when someone passes, but I believe that you would rather have them be put out of their misery. It gives these chronically ill patients the right to choose, and I believe they should have that right.

    Taylor Moore, Miami University, OH

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