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Sorry to have to say this, but reports are pouring in of scams and fakes on foreign orders for barbiturates, notably Nembutal and Seconal. It is getting worse. I don’t advise you risk any of them. Regrets….Derek Humphry (‘Final Exit’)

3 Responses to “So many international barbiturate orders are fakes or scams”

  1. projecta1 says:

    I have done quite a lot of research on this subject and it does seem to be that most and perhaps nearly all online offers to supply barbiturates are scams. Fortunately, most of the scams are so amateurish and so obviously unbelievable that most people should not fall for them.

    From my research, I do not believe that Seconal is actually available anywhere as far as I can see but I do believe that Nembutal can be bought online by mail order.

  2. mayday says:

    Could anyone advise on neumbutal purchase I will meet up in person a pay thousands, Im an ill company director based on london.

    Kind regards

  3. ergo says:

    This plea from ‘Mayday’ invites fraud. Selling drugs for self-deliverance from terminal illness has become infamous business and scams abound worldwide.

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