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I am happy to announce the publication
of my book, “In Search of Gentle Death: The Fight
for Your Right to Die With Dignity.”
479-page, deluxe hardcover edition, which took
five years to research and write, contains 92
photographs and illustrations, a full
bibliography, and a comprehensive index.
An ebook version will also be available soon, and for
those without an ebook reader, or who live
outside the U.S., a PDF version on a USB flash
drive is also available now. The book charts the
founding and explosive growth of the movement
from 1975 to present, and presents the reader
with the full range of procedures he or she can
employ to ensure that their eventual death takes
place at the time, place, and under the
conditions of their own choosing. The hardcover
and flash drive versions are available now for
immediate shipment worldwide from the publisher’s
website: www.corinthianbooks.com. It accepts
orders and payment via virtually any debit or
credit card.
I would again like to thank the countless people who generously opened
their minds and hearts to me, sharing their facts, feelings, experiences, and photographs, for without them, this book could never have told
the Movement’s story, purpose, goals, and achievements to the extent that it has. – Richard N. Cote’, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina USA /
(PS There is a foreword to this book by Derek Humphry.)

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