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Two new internet publications from Derek Humphry:

“How to Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit.” Pamphlet. Illustrated. $5. Download pdf

“Beyond Final Exit: Lessons Learned” Mini ebook. $5 Download pdf

Save them to your computer, also print your own copy.

Go to www.finalexit.org

One Response to “New publications from Derek Humphry about self-deliverance”

  1. pjkelly says:


    I recently purchased the large size (50 balloon) tank and tested it to see how long it would take the tank to empty. In my case it took 5 minutes before all the gas was released. In the new ebook “How to Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit” you state, “Heart and lungs will stop functioning within five to fifteen minutes.” My question is, does the helium need to be released over the entire 15 minutes or is 5 minutes of gas enough to complete the task. Basically, once the brain is dead after the initial 5 minutes of exposure to helium, do you still need to have a additional source of helium that continues for the remaining 10 minutes. I think this is a very important point that needs to be clarified since it sounds like you need 15 minutes of helium, yet the tank I purchased only lasted for 5 minutes. Even with using two tanks, they will both be empty in 5 minutes. What happens during the remaining 10 minutes when you could possibly start to breathe in oxygen since the tanks will be empty. I’m not trying to start any controversy, but this final exit is a very important and irreversible act and before making the final choice, I would like to know that 5 minutes of helium is sufficient to complete the task.

    Thanks! Pat

    Answer: It requires only 4-5 good gulps of PURE helium to be lethal. The excess amount in the tanks is for insurance, for certainty. And it must be pure inert gas, not even the slightest oxygen.

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