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Two matters which might (or might not) affect you:
The FBI is still pressing local police and Interpol to visit persons who have been in contact with the GLADD Group, in Southern California, over helium hood kits. New York police, for instance, have made some ‘wellness checks’ six weeks ago, and again in recent days! And customers of GLADD have also been recently visited in Canada and Switzerland.

So don’t be surprised if you still get a call from police. Just assure them that you are well, thank you, and that the reason you contacted GLADD was in case of serious illness in the future. Do not invite them in (unless they have a search warrant, which is unlikely.) Handle their call on your doorstep.

These police ‘wellness checks’ are legal under health laws.

GLADD has of course been shut down by the FBI since 25 May, and the 91-year-old manufacturer of the kits on her home sewing machine, Sharlotte Hydorn, is still waiting to see if she is going to be prosecuted for anything.

# 2
The old canard about helium being diluted so that it is no longer lethal is circulating again. It is of course not true.

If the manufacturers diluted their helium they would lose the multi-million business from industry, science, laboratories, diving companies, and the party balloon kits. Plus, if they diluted the helium, by law they would have clearly to mark every canister with that information.

In the ten years since the helium hood method of self-deliverance from a terminal illness has been publicly known — and used — an instance of dilution of this inert gas has never surfaced. Hundreds of dying persons have used this escape route from their suffering.

Derek Humphry, president, ERGO. Author ‘Final Exit’

www.finalexit.org ergo@finalexit.org

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  1. silver33 says:

    Please note that Helios Exit Bags appears to be a bogus operation out of Honduros. DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY – they have ripped people off. Beward of this “organization” please! If you go to http://www.exitbags.20m.com/ and they’ll tell you to send them $50.00 per bag….you’ll part with your money and have no recourse to get it back. …just another group of thieves preying on the dying who are looking for assistance. BEWARE! The internet scams are getting more and more prevelant.

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