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Andrew Barkley writes to ERGO: I’m an author and someone living with a critical illness. I’ve recently written a poem in support of ‘dignity in dying’.

Ode to Life – TIME

Life is retiring me, how am I to cope?

Futile now it seems, my last lifeline of hope

What is to become of me, this frail life I behold

Soon I will need to be bathed, fed, and clothed

Society imposes on me, to gracefully grow old

To let mother nature decide my fate, so I am told

Where is the grace in dying, my body indisposed

Shall I call time on this lifeline, for whom the bell tolls.


One Response to “Poet writes of his life and death”

  1. foraviers says:

    We are all human beings, but we cannot even control our live or die. Decades after decades, what do we achieve? Nothing in life but just more greed, desperate, and suffer. Why are so many rules and control of our own health, and use of body? Why can’t human being themselves have their own control of their live or die, health or sick? We the human beings, if under a microscope, we just a big pile of cells. Our skin and hair shred everyday, our body cells dies every single sec, and our organ gets weaker every mins. End of life journey, nature eat us as food and grow. Begin of life journey, we eat nature as food, and grow. So, for once in your mind, why we can’t even protect and control of our own life? What all human want? A pain free death, a pain free health.

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