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The FBI is asking police throughout America to check up on people who have recently ordered helium hood kits from GLADD in southern California, run by Sharlotte Hydorn. So far we know of six cases. These are what the cops call ‘wellness checks’ — actually to see if the person has [or about to] kill themselves.
So if you ordered from GLADD don’t be surprised to get a police visit. Tell them you are fine, thank you, and decline their offer to be taken to a therapist (as has happened).
Tell this blog if you get such a visit from law enforcement.

4 Responses to “Police at FBI bidding busy interviewing GLADD customers”

  1. PissedInOregon says:

    I am not a GLADD customer, and never placed an order with them. What I did do was send a letter of support, because I saw on the news that the elderly lady that makes these kits was receiving death threats and hate mail.
    Yesterday evening my home was searched by my local police, and my son was interrogated. My neighbors were also interrogated, and the police called my landlord and asked him to let them in to my home while I was out.
    I don’t feel that any of what I have been put through is legal, but I don’t know what to do. I didn’t even order one of these kits, and if I had, it is not illegal in my state.
    Suggestions on who to call or what to do would be welcome.

  2. jerriblankstare says:

    I’m so sorry that happened to you. Now I’m hearing Oregon has quickly put a ban on said kits so those of us who were actually intending to purchase one will apparently be spared the kind of treatment that was inflicted upon you.

  3. overitalready says:

    I received a “wellness check” at 10:30 PM 2 weeks ago on a Saturday night. At first I was trying to ignore the banging at my door, I live alone and being a woman I do not answer if I am not expecting someone. But finally I heard “Police” so I opened it. They said someone had called being concerned for my safety, I had ordered a kit but mine was most likely confiscated at the post office. I have a family member with cancer that is getting worse and with everything I had read I thought I would order one just in case, obviously still a little too late. The police were not rude nor aggressive, I invited them in, chatted no mention of the kit by them and certainly not by me. They stayed for around 30 minutes and asked several times if there was “anything they could do for me” I should have asked if they would clean my apartment? Anyway it sounds like I was more fortunate than others here, btw I live in NC.

  4. Still Here says:

    I had a “wellness check” on September 20th by the police in southeastern Wisconsin. The officer was polite, and having watched way too much Law and Order, I knew that things go best with the police if you are cooperative and not defensive. I assured him I was fine and everything was okay. Now I’m just worried about how many of my neighbors witnessed the visit and know they are wondering what happened.

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