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The Oregon state Senate made it a felony Monday for companies to sell suicide kits to Oregonians. The vote was unanimous. The bill now heads to the House.
Senator Floyd Prozanski says people charged under this law could be brought to Oregon to face their charges.
The bill was introduced after a 29-year-old Eugene man took his own life using a suicide kit he purchased online for $60.
The proposed legislation also doesn’t conflict with the state’s Death with Dignity Act, which allows physical assisted suicide in certain circumstances.
Details on how to make such a kit have been in the book ‘Final Exit’ for the last ten years. Some people prefer to buy ‘off-the-shelf’ from a group in California called “GLADD’.
whose mailing address is 3755 Avocado Blvd, # 166, La Mesa, CA
91941. Cost is $60. Sent USPS
discreetly. No phone/internet orders.

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