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Sometimes doctors in America will prescribe a fast-acting barbiturate like Nembutal and Seconal for an end-stage terminal patient. Then these patients often have difficulty finding a pharmacist who will fill the script.
Pharmacists frequently claim that they are no longer manufactured so that they don’t have to take the risk of being connected to a suicide, or they don’t want the bother of getting it from a warehouse. Or they may be exercising their moral grounds – although they are not likely to tell a customer that.
Nembutal and Seconal are still manufactured in America –or where else would the doctors in Oregon and Washington get them for legal physician-assisted suicide for their terminally ill residents who request a hastened death?
These are very ethically sensitive drugs — even in Oregon, with a lawful prescription, some pharmacists decline to fill it on personal moral grounds. But other pharmacists have no problem. A customer might have to shop around. Also, they are now called ’boutique drugs’ and are expensive — perhaps up to $500 for 100 tablets.
To convince a pharmacist of their availability, here are the details:
1. Nembutal (pentobarbital) is manufactured and distributed to wholesalers by Abbott Pharmaceuticals in Illinois.
2. Seconal (secobarbital) is manufactured and distributed to wholesalers by Marathon Pharmaceuticals, also in Illinois.
3. The wholesalers who sell to pharmacies include:
(a) McKesson – in San Francisco, CA
(b) Cardinal Health – in Dublin, Ohio
(c) Amerisource Bergin – in Chesterbook, PA
(d) Some national pharmacies, such as Bi-Mart and Walgreen, have their own distribution centers.

Recommended fatal doses of these two drugs are (and always have been) in the book ‘Final Exit’ now updated 3.1 edition 2010. www.finalexit.org

For the information only of terminally ill, competent adults.
ERGO 23 June 2010

4 Responses to “Availability of certain drugs — F Y I”

  1. ginger says:

    Has anyone had any success recently purchasing nembutal in Mexico?
    If so, could you please supply details?

  2. ergo says:

    Veterinary Nembutal is available at veterinary supply stores throughout Mexico. A person has to go and find them.
    But it is best to avoid the border towns which, through excessive publicity, have become exploitive of visitors. Also, as is obvious, the border towns are dangerous because of the violent drug wars.

  3. ruthramag says:

    How/where can a person purchase Nembutal if they are unable to travel? Please,
    Any advice?

  4. ergo says:

    It is the harsh truth that a person cannot purchase Nembutal without a doctor’s prescription, which are rarely given.

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