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To read about the outcome of using face masks instead of plastic bags in self-deliverance from a terminal illness, read this paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics about testing done in Switzerland.

J Med Ethics 2010;36:174-179 doi:10.1136/jme.2009.032490
* Law, ethics and medicine

Assisted suicide by oxygen deprivation with helium at the Swiss
right-to-die organisation, Dignitas.

1. Russel D Ogden1, 2. William K Hamilton2, 3. Charles Whitcher3

Go to this link to read an abstract of their findings:


2 Responses to “Face masks do not work well in helium deaths”

  1. marco says:

    so, i am glad i found this site and blog

  2. Wishing says:

    I am an American, and wanting to leave the world with dignity. I know where to get helium, but don’t know (or understand) how to get the device (regulator?) that goes on the tank on which I could attach a tube.
    Can anyone help? I am desperate.
    There is no need for regulator on helium tanks because the inert gas emerges steadily. With a tank of nitrogen it is necessary, usually comes with regulator and pressure gauge.

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