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An elderly couple unable to bear living apart committed suicide by drinking cyanide from tea cups at their dining room table, an inquest in the UK heard.

Retired physicist Arthur Prior, 90, probably brewed the deadly poison himself in a lab in the basement.

He sat down with his wife of 60 years, Mary, 87, and they held hands as they sipped from the cups together, after writing suicide notes to their four children.

Neighbours said that the couple were ‘inseparable’ and could not face spending their last days apart.

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  1. Imperator says:

    but how painful or painless is cyanide?
    does it depend on its dosage and purity?
    there are laboratory & scientific supplies companies that sell 98% pure lab grade sodium or potassium cyanide – I assume these would be more potent than home made cyanide?

    ANSWER: I deal with cyanide as a method of self-deliverance from terminal illness in Chapter 5 of “Final Exit”. The pros and cons of this substance cannot be dealt with in a blog. How it could be taken is dealt with in the book. Don’t ask me where to get cyanide because I don’t know. It is not a drug of choice in euthanasia. Derek H 10.18.11

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