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There is a long and extremely interesting article in the Guardian in London. Worth reading. To read it, go to (you may need to copy/paste this URL)

Inside the Dignitas house

More than 1,000 people have traveled to Switzerland to end their lives. But what is it really like inside the world’s first assisted suicide clinic?

A selected excerpt:
The vast majority of people who visit Dignitas are the terminally ill or those with an incurable, progressive disease. “Usually, if the person has terminal cancer, motor neuron disease or multiple sclerosis and they are telling us ‘I don’t like to live some weeks or months until the terrible end’, then it is quite clear and we have no difficulty in saying yes,” Minelli says.

Then there are those people who are just tired of life. With life expectancy growing and medical sophistication improving, people are increasingly worried about whether they will be “condemned to linger on”, Minelli says, “forced to end their lives in an institution. Our members say: with our pets, when they are old and in pain, we help them. Why am I not entitled to go to the vet? Why haven’t I such an opportunity? We hear this often.”

end excerpt from Guardian article

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