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How ‘right-to-die’ stands in 2009
Where voluntary euthanasia (VE) and/or physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is now legally permitted under guidelines:

1. Switzerland. Physician and non-physician assisted suicide since l940. VE banned.
2. Colombia. VE since l997.
3. Oregon. PAS since l998. VE banned.*
4. The Netherlands. VE and PAS. Since 2002.
5. Belgium. VE. Since 2002.
6. Luxembourg. VE and PAS. Since 2008.
7. Washington. PAS since 2009. VE banned.*
8. Montana. PAS. Since 2008. (Under court review.)

*Oregon and Washington states are the only places where the citizens voted for this law in an election.

Where PAS law reform is currently under active legislative or court consideration:
1. Canada. (Parliament Bill C-384)
2. England and Wales. (Winnick proposal)
3. Scotland. (Margo McDonald Bill)
4. Connecticut. (Drs. Blick & Levine v. CT)
5. New Hampshire. (House Bill 304)
6. Tasmania. (Death With Dignity Bill)

Source: ERGO. www.finalexit.org — ergo@finalexit.org
Updated 12 October 2009

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