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As regional coordinator of the Final Exit Network, I have had reports of members being harassed by local police in response to a directive by the Georgia State police. It seems the GSPD contacts the targeted State police (in one case NJ) , who in turn contacts local police departments, with the directive to visit members and determine “if they are still alive”. (This is actually the reason people have been given.)

They have also been told the reason for the contact was related to accessing the Network’s web site. The local police have stated they find all this ridiculous, but “we have to do what we are told.”

If the GBI and GSPD are actually interested in whether or not selected FEN members are alive or dead they would save time and tax payers money by searching death certificates on line. The obvious intent here is to intimidate members, many of whom are elderly and ill in an attempt to frighten them.

This smacks of blatant harassment and is unconscionable. I am interested in determining how many other members of the Final Exit Network have been harassed by the police. If anyone has awareness of these incidences I can be reached by e-mail at franschindler68@yahoo.com . We have done nothing illegal and neither have any of our members.
We will not be intimidated

Fran Schindler,
Regional Coordinator,
Final Exit Network

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  1. Lucia says:

    This is absolutely appalling, but all too believable.

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