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There is a significant and fascinating article in the ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’ of 1 May which is a lengthy article that begins…

A year ago, when a doctor finally diagnosed the brain disease that had been making it harder for her to walk without falling, Rona Zelniker told her son and daughter that she was going to end her life while she still could, before complete disability set in.

Her children were grateful for the way she prepared them, and for the time they had together at the end. “I must have cried 150 times in the last year,” said Keith Zelniker, 32, her son. He scheduled off the week she was planning to die, writing on his work calendar, “bereavement time.”

Zelniker felt anxiety about how she would end her life. She didn’t want to swallow pills, only to wake up even worse off, with brain damage. A gun was out of the question.

Last fall, she contacted an organization she had found on the Internet – the Final Exit Network – which she described in a letter as “the answer to my prayers.”…

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3 Responses to “Final Exit Network closes, so woman took her life alone”

  1. YERTI says:

    I have prepared all family and friends that my intention will be to decide when and where i will die. but as of todays laws you will have a very hard time doing it they may not be ssisting at all. which mend you will be all alone nadf gthen tyhe big question hnow will zi do it. zi would prefere to be lying in y bed given an intravenous injection of wht gthe vet usedd for our dog so peacerful and with us his “parents near him caressing him telling him we loved him BOy what a way to go!!!!!

  2. oldenways says:

    I also have told my family that I will die before I am put into a nursing home. I have been diagnosed with an illness that is quickly making me bedridden, always in pain. I do not want to go into detail. What I would like help with is my choice of dying. My ancestry is Cherokee. I plan on going into the woods – when the time is right – and remain until I die. I plan on going during the winter months, starting early enough so that a return would be impossible – lost, too cold, confused…what ever the reason…no turning back. It is a natural way, more natural than prolonging life in a place where you have to be drugged, tied down, fed, “cleaned”…I am not afraid of death…I am afraid of “that kind of life”.
    My question; is there a group or organization that is involved in this kind of end of life choice and can someone tell me how to contact this group. Thank you for the information. Thank you for this website. Thank you for helping us take back some dignity that governments have deprived us from – in many, many ways – not just denying us the right to a dignified natural way to die.

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