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Colleagues and friends:

Please help us fund an effective defense for the accused Georgia Four by making a contribution to the legal defense fund: www.finalexitlibertyfund.org

Pass this site address to all your friends. Use PayPal or Google Checkout. Or wire or snail mail donations. (Email me for bank wiring directions for substantial sums).

Each accused has to have their own lawyer. If we are to change the law on assisted suicide by winning this court case, it will be hugely expensive. (Contributions cannot be tax deductible.)

ERGO (Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization) has already made the first contribution of $5,000 to the defense fund. Send checks to ERGO’s mailing address:

Final Exit Liberty Fund c/o ERGO
24829 Norris Lane
Junction City OR 97448

The defendants are Ted Goodwin, Dr Larry Egbert, Claire Blehr and Nicholas Sheridan, all part of the Final Exit Network organization. Ted is also vice-president of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies. Further details are on the web site.

Derek Humphry, Oregon
Organizer with fellow directors of the defence fund.
Final Exit Liberty Fund

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