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Although I must declare an interest in this publication as I am mentioned in it, this booklet exposes an unusual glimpse into the inner workings of the progressive, investigative side of the worldwide euthanasia movement…who’s behind it, what advances it has made, who drove it, and so on.  

Extremely well written by Richard Cote, who previous to this research and publication, had no connections to the right-to-die movement. The illustrations are interesting, too. And because it deliberately ‘flew under the radar,’ this is the first telling of a special story. The publication can be obtained via Amazon.com.

It is the ten-year account of an unorganized, interesting group of people (Philip Nitschke, John Hofsess, George Exoo, Charles Whitcher, myself Derek Humphry and a few others) who put their minds together to find a reliable, legal, non-medical way by which dying persons could painlessly, non-violently and quickly end their lives.

What emerged after going down several fruitless avenues was the helium hood method of self-deliverance which is now widely used across North America. NuTech continues to search for even better ways of adult, competent choices in dying.

There is no ‘how-to’ in this booklet. That’s in ‘Final Exit’ paperback and e-book.

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