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Quite a few people in the right-to-die movement — including myself — think that a person with severe dementia (or Alzheimers) DOES have the right to be helped to check out PROVIDED that they had made an advance declaration to this effect back when they were competent.

Referring to it  — as some do — as a ‘duty to die’ is mistaken and unfortunate. Dementia more subtly tragic than that crude term.

In my view,  the personal choice to die with assisted suicide should be available to all who are terminally or hopelessly ill, provided there is advance planning, careful decision-making, family support (hopefully) all backed up by documentation.

One day this will be legal everywhere. It may take 50 years.

–Derek Humphry, Oregon – ‘Final Exit’ author

2 Responses to “The right to choose to die is the ultimate civil liberty”

  1. uk resident says:

    I do so agree with you, lets hope it takes less than 50 years.
    i haven’t got that long, but i have made my wishes known to all my family, that if i ever get to the stage where i am totally dependant, and can no longer live my own life, i want to have an assisted suicide.
    although i find the term rather sinister, i think i would prefer to refer to it as something more angelic, like assisted journey or assisted sleep.
    either way, i want to be able to prepare myself and my family for the inevitable but with the dignity which i cannot predict with illness or desease.
    i want my family to know that i it was my last wish, and that i did it because i wanted to spare myself and them from a possible lengthy and miserable suffering.
    I could leave them with a smile on my face instead of a twisted tortured look, which i know would haunt them forever.
    i can say my good bye, kiss each one tenderly, give my last bit of motherly advise, and wish them all a happy life.
    and tell them that i am beginning my special journey and looking forward to it too.
    what a wonderful legacy to leave behind, and how romantic.
    it makes me wish it could happen sooner in some ways, but i am not ready yet.

  2. Byron says:

    UK Resident that is very true and i agree with you, i sincerely hope you are granted your wish of a dignified passing and wish you the best of luck with the rest of your life, i hope you dont mind me using some of your powerful words and opinions on the essay i am writing for college about Assisted Suicide. Thanks very much for your help.

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