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A lengthy legal battle in Italy is set to continue for a man campaigning to remove life support from his daughter who has been in a coma for 16 years. State prosecutors in Milan have sought an in junction against a July 9 ruling by an appeals court in the city allowing for the removal of feeding tubes connected to Eluana Englaro’s body since a 1992 car accident.

‘It is not certain that Eluana is without consciousness and the issue of the irreversibility of her state has not been dealt with thoroughly,’ prosecutors wrote in their injunction request. The 34-year-old Englaro’s case has fuelled controversy over euthanasia in mostly Catholic Italy where church authorities have spoken out against her father Beppino’s wish to terminate her life. The issue has also come before parliament with lawmakers in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative coalition and centrist Catholic opposition parliamentarians, moving to block the appeals court ruling.

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