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I’m the author of a new novel titled SOUVENIR,
which is out now from Random House/Ballantine Books.
My novel, which centers on a woman who has ALS, in not any kind of how-to, position on the matter of terminally ill individuals’ right to end their
lives on their own terms.

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My interest in the issues originates with seeing my step-father, then
father-in-law, then mother face terminal illness-cancer, in all three cases.
But even leaving that aside, I simply believe in all of us having the right
to choose. While I didn’t set out to write a book about the matter, as I
got farther into the writing the theme emerged.

SOUVENIR was released in the UK last July, in Denmark last September, and
this month in the US, Germany, and Norway. It’s forthcoming in six
additional foreign-language editions in: Japan, Brazil, France, Italy,
Poland, and the Netherlands. I think it’s safe to say the issue is one that
resonates with cultures all around the world.

————Therese Fowler, Raleigh, NC

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