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Detailed illustrated advice on how to bring terminal suffering to a peaceful, nonviolent end. This video produced by journalist and author Derek Humphry, is a great companion to his book ‘Final Exit.’ Humphry, who founded the original Hemlock Society, provided the direction and spoken voice in this video adaptation of his famous ‘how-to’ book which was the #1 New York Times nonfiction bestseller in 1991. This guidance is for the possible use by a terminally or hopelessly ill competent adult who wishes to avoid further unrelieved pain and distress.

Final Exit on DVD Video Chapters:
Part 1 – Jean’s Way
Part 2 – What Kind of Death?
Part 3 – Ask a Doctor Discreetly
Part 4 – Morphine: A Patient’s Best Friend
Part 5 – What Makes a Graceful Ending?
Part 6 – Plastic Bag & Helium Methods
Part 7 – Last Bits of Advice

Available in DVD & VHS at the ERGO Store
$20 + shipping • 46 min • NTSC • English • 2006
Directed, written & narrated by Derek Humphry

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3 Responses to “Part 1 of Final Exit Video DVD on YouTube”

  1. John says:

    I purchased the DVD from ERGO and while the instructions are for the most part quite good, there is nothing about how much to open the valves on the tanks. It appears you opened them fully, but I really can’t be certain, or if it matters. Does it matter?

    My other question concerns the T-tube you used in the video. It appears to be smooth where the connectors go over, but the only T-tubes I could find even in the largest hardware store was one that has barbs on it, and the inside hole diameter appears smaller than what is on your “smooth” T-tube.” Does this matter?

    Sorry for this double posting, but I did run across what might be an issue regarding the T-tube, and you can delete the first question above.

    I would appreciate the clarification regarding your DVD demonstration.

    DEREK HUMPHRY responds: I hadn’t seen a T-junction with barbs on it. Perhaps they could be pared off with a sharp knife.
    You may need to do a bit more shopping in a larger hardware store to get the right parts. As to turning the taps on, it is best done as slow as allowed but a surge is not a problem. A bit of practice run-through add confidence.

  2. John says:

    I read in another book of a case history saying the gas turned on too slow would result in an insufficient supply. Therefore, I am somewhat confused by your reply. Considering the fact this DVD is a demonstration for those interested in knowing how it’s done, and stating above guidance, I think turning on the taps requires some further clarification. For example, turning the taps on all the way is not a good idea, or is it a good idea? In your demonstration, it appears you turned the taps on fully and I believe the screen showed a message the bag inflates in 5 seconds (bag over eyebrows).

    Is there any approximate guide as to how much to turn on the taps, such as 1/2″ or 1/2 turn, or? Since I purchased the video to see and understand your video, I would appreciate knowing just what it is that should be done with the taps in a clear manner.

    DEREK HUMPHRY, author, ‘Final Exit‘ responds: The taps on the helium tanks are pretty crude; after all, this primarily a child’s toy. Multiple experiences (not one case history) show that the taps are turned on by the patient wishing to die as steadily as possible until fully on.

  3. John says:

    In the DVD demonstration, you appeared to turn the taps in one motion–is that what you mean by steady until fully on while the bag is over eyebrows? After all, once you pulled the bag down, there was no indication of turning the taps more.

    If I understand you correctly, your information is slowly turn taps on until they are fully on while bag is over eyebrows? And that most likely is turning one at a time using two tanks as shown in your video.

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