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George Exoo is in prison in West Virginia awaiting a hearing on August 17 in which the Irish police are seeking to extradite him to Dublin to face trial for allegedly assisting the suicide of Rosemary Toole in 2002. He has been refused bail.

George is having a very hard time in prison. He’s tiny, gay, educated, decent, well-manered and spoken, and he’s locked up in a den of thieves and thugs who mock him constantly. He’s 65 and the inmates are almost entirely 18-30.

George writes to me from his cell: “This is a brutal place, and there is absolutely nothing correctional about it. Throw out the norms of respectable society where virtually every person enters of abuses of drugs or alcohol. Throw out every norm of language so that every
sentence contains multiple use of f……s. Throw out every notion of private property so that there one must be on constant guard against theft. And you have jail.”

Referring to the prospect of being imprisoned in Ireland while awaiting trial there (if he loses the August 17 extradition fight in court) he writes: ” As I see things, I will be caught in a hostile R.C.
environment without support of friends or family. I prefer, therefore, to check out either by withholding nutrition and drink or by some alternative, less than above-board but fast means.”

Please write a letter of support to him at this address………… ASAP

George David Exoo
Prisoner # 5:07-MC-00059
South Central Regional Jail
1001 Centre Way

One of his friends, Dick Cote, keeps an active web site on George Exoo’s situation and what he is accused of.

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