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Welcome Back Dr. Kevorkian

In a June 1st MSNBC editorial, Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania, called Dr. Jack Kevorkian a “dangerous killer.” Melody Youk, wife of Thomas Youk, whose Kevorkian-assisted suicide was broadcast on “60 Minutes,” said, “I don’t consider it murder. I consider it humane.” Youk’s mother and brothers agree.

Many call Dr. Kevorkian a “fanatic.” While we don’t employ or agree with his methods, every successful human rights movement has been built on the dedication and sacrifices of brave individuals such as Jack Kevorkian. Rosa Parks didn’t help launch the civil rights movement by obeying unjust laws.

Dr. Kevorkian took selfless risks that made Americans aware of needless suffering at the end of life. His zeal captured attention that made it possible for more moderate voices to achieve limited successes. More humane palliative care, widespread support for advance directives and the Oregon physician-assisted suicide law grew from the seeds of his advocacy.

Lest we forget, the right to a peaceful, dignified death has far to go. Today, even in Oregon, Youk would be forced to suffer on, because his ALS, while terrifying, disabling and robbing him of all quality of life, wasn’t “terminal.”

Caplan and iron-fisted judge Cooper call it murder. We believe Jack Kevorkian engaged in courageous acts of civil disobedience to help secure the last human right.

Welcome back Dr. Kevorkian!

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