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Two Harvard doctors write in their new book “To Die Well’…………


“Many doctors have found that the use of helium is now the speediest and most available method (outside of Oregon) for a patient in this country [USA] to end life when faced with intolerable suffering. Helium has had some definite advantages over the use of barbiturates because it is far faster, it is easy to use, and the helium — at least presently — is easily available.

“With regard to legal liability, as far as I have learned, there has been no legal action take anywhere in this country against a bystander or family member when the patient has used this method to end life.

“The patient without any physical help from those in attendance has carried out the administration of helium that fills the bag-like tent and then pulling the tent down over the head, unassisted.”

From the new book “To Die Well” by Sidney Wanzer MD and Joseph Glenmullen MD
De Capo Press, Cambridge, Mass. ISBN 9780738310834 Hardcover $24.00
Discounted to $18.72 at Amazon.com
Also available via the authors’ web site:

{This book is a refreshing, pertinent overview of the whole right-to-die situation in America — useful background and vital advice — and is recommended reading. Not academic; personal and caring…………..Derek Humphry}

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