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A 15-year-old student named Zoe Cleland, who has long believed that physician-assisted suicide should be made legal in Canada, had the idea of starting an online petition. She asked if the website of the Right to Die Society (www.righttodie.ca) could be used to point people to it, and of course we said Yes. A red banner has been added to our homepage, with links to the English version and also to the French version.

If your name looks French, or maybe even if it doesn’t but you live in Quebec, please sign the French version (click FRANCAIS in the red banner — although the petition will be in French, all the instructions for signing will be in English, since we are using an American petition-hosting site).

Also, if you are no longer young but you know of some young people who would probably want to sign, please tell them about the petition. The angle for Zoe’s petition is “youth”, the future, etc. (making politicians see that this issue is going to get bigger instead of smaller as the years go by).
Finally, if you are a journalist (or if you know someone who is), please consider giving Zoe’s petition some media coverage. The petition site allows you to contact her (as the sponsor of the petition) by e-mail.

—-Ruth von Fuchs, Toronto, Canada, www.righttodie.ca

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