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Three American organizations which were once chapters of the Hemlock Society USA (1980-2003) have chosen to separate from their new parent organization, Compassion and Choices, and revert to their original names.

The Hemlock Society of San Diego, Hemlock of Illinois and the Hemlock Society of Florida Inc., have also elected to operate in the future as independent, nonprofit organizations.

Donna Klamm, president of the Florida group, says in a letter to members, “We will now be known as the Hemlock Society of Florida. Sounds familiar? In spite of massive brain-crunching throughout the past six years, no one has come up with a name this memorable or distinctive. It became part of us when Suncoast Hemlock started in Sarasota (1987), and we are proud of it.

“As an independent Florida group, we will serve Floridians exclusively. By phone [800-849-9349] or email [HemlockFl@aol.com] we can communicate with you regarding many end-stage issues.”

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