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The Nov/Dec 2006 issue of ‘Deliverance’, the newsletter of Exit International in Australia, leads off with the following report:-

“First Peaceful Pill Assay Renders Results.

“In October, the first chemical analysis results of the Peanut Project’s Peaceful Pill were obtained. The group had succeeded in producing significant quantities of barbiturates, the dominant component being Pentobarbital.

“Assay of the liquid submitted revealed 80mg/ml pentobarbital sodium (8gm in 100ml). If 100ml of this synthesized liquid were drunk, it would provide a reliable peaceful death.

“Despite several major setbacks and time delays, the initial group is now able to complete the project with confidence, and Exit is increasingly optimistic about the Peanut Project’s future. There is now a confident expectation that a second Peanut Project will begin early in 2007 as the handover of equipment and chemicals from the first group takes place.

“While the Pill is not expected to be used by any of the group in the immediate future, several seriously ill Exit members have indicated that it is likely that the pill will be used in 2007.”

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