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The right to die: ‘Final Exit’ DVD version, released earlier this year, is now available in VHS format.

‘Final Exit’ on VHS, adapted from the bestselling book by Derek Humphry, is update of previous 2000 VHS version.

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Available only thru the ERGO-Store.
Not available in bookstores.

2006 VHS (update of 2000 Final Exit VHS Video and the same as the earlier released 2006 DVD version) includes brand new footage demonstrating helium bag method. With graphics and and titles illustrating helium tank setup and step-by-step procedures for self-deliverance. An adjunct resource to Final Exit, 3rd edition book and Final Exit Addendum. This guidance is for the possible use by a terminally or hopelessly ill competent adult who wishes to avoid further unrelieved pain and distress. Self-deliverance (a.k.a. rational suicide) is not a crime.

Directed, written & narrated by Derek Humphry.
46 min length. NTSC format.

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