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The New Technology in Self-Deliverance Group — better known as NuTech — will hold a workshop as an adjunct event to the 16th biennial conference of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies in Toronto, Canada, on September 8-10, 2006

It was the pioneer work of the NuTech group which developed the inert gas tank and bag method of legal self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness — a hastened death technique now widely used on many continents.

NuTech’s workshop will be in the Sheraton Centre, downtown Toronto, starting at 8 a.m on Sunday, September 10. All official delegates to the world conference are invited; others by invitation only.

Only persons closely involved and knowledgeable about hastened deaths are welcome — the broader issues law, ethics and philosophy are dealt with in the major sessions of the 3-day conference.

Facilitators at the NuTech workshop so far will include Dr. Philip Nitschke, from Australia, Dr. Aycke Smook, (Netherlands), Derek Humphry (Oregon), while Rod Newman from Montana will demonstrate and sell inert gas balloon kits. Other right-to-die experts are being arranged.

Also on the Nutech workshop agenda will be discussions of the feasibility of visiting Mexico to legally purchase medications suitable for self-deliverance from a terminal illness, the value of flow meters for inert gas tanks, and the latest availability and use of well-known lethal medications for voluntary euthanasia.

Previous meetings of NuTech, starting in l998 involving international experts, were held in Berkeley, California, Seattle, Washington, Vancouver, BC, Boston, Massachusetts, and San Diego, California.

NuTech contact person: derekhumphry@starband.net

Background on NuTech at: http://www.finalexit.org/nutech.html

Main Toronto conference details at: www.dyingwithdignity.ca/world_conference-2006.html

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