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Thirty years ago — on March 29, l975 — Jean Humphry took her life with an overdose of barbiturates to escape the final ravages of metastasized cancer. A doctor supplied the drugs and her husband helped her take them.

Three years later the account of her death in a book called “Jean’s Way” by Derek Humphry became an instant bestseller in the UK, and subsequently appeared in 16 editions and translations around the world. “Jean’s Way” launched the case for ‘assisted suicide‘ and ‘self-deliverance’ instead of ‘voluntary euthanasia’ which had been the only method talked about up to that point in time.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jean’s death, a new paperback edition has been printed and is available for $12 US. Shipping and handling is $5 in the USA and Canada, and $10 overseas. All books will be signed by the author and dated. Dispatched by airmail.

Send checks or money orders to ERGO (nonprofit) at 24829 Norris Lane, Junction City, OR 97448. Or order either the E-book or printed edition from the ERGO store

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