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It’s been three years since New Jersey enacted a Medical Aid in Dying law, but only 95 terminally ill patients have chosen that path to end their lives here, so far — and they’re mostly white. A Rutgers researcher says that mirrors national statistics — which also show most people who choose aid in dying have some college education, stating, “It raises some questions about, is this truly a preference — or is there something about the way these laws are written and enacted that might be leading to some disparities.”

Advocate Brandi Alexander cited medical racism and mistrust, noting, “Underserved communities — black and brown communities — often access care at less rates, anyway, and medical aid in dying is no different … there are so many end-of-life options that our communities aren’t taking advantage of.” Also, an end-of-life doctor claims that many hospices don’t bother to inform families about their policies.

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