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Interesting to observe how immediately used is the new medical aid in dying law in Catalonia:

On December 2, Catalan health general secretary, Meritxell Masó, published numbers about the people who used the Spanish euthanasia law since the Catalan government implemented this in June 2021 in this part of Spain.

Until November 30, 53 requests were made. The vast majority is coming from primary care centers. In total, 28 of them have been approved by officials, with four yet to be carried out. Currently, 14 other requests are being studied, three have been declined, and six people died before their application was reviewed. Health authorities said that 14 are cancer patients and 23 have neurodegenerative diseases.

The requests are reviewed by the Catalan Guarantee and Evaluation, a new body created after the law was passed. The committee can also facilitate information regarding the process and requests.

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