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From the newsletter 20 December 2121 of the American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying

The Academy’s Patient to Doctor Referral System (https://ACAMAID.us19)  inaugurated in March 2020 to link patients with aid-in-dying experienced doctors, has now reached 300 patient requests and we’ve placed 100% of them with participating doctors.

 Sadly, 25 years after Oregon became the first state with legal aid in dying, the hope that terminally ill patients considering aid in dying simply need to ask their doctor hasn’t panned out.

 Mostly, their kind and caring doctors don’t have experience or training in medical aid in dying, and they’re not comfortable providing care they’re not trained in.

 So while the Academy is doing all it can to train more and more doctors, we also started the Patient to Doctor Referral System (https://ACAMAID.us19.list-manage.com) to connect patients with doctors who are both supportive of and experienced in aid-in-dying are. Our referral system is national.



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