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Did you happen to see Friday night’s program “Father Brown” on PBS TV ?   Show name: ‘The Angel of Mercy.’

It featured two deaths which at first seemed normal to the police but which the great ministerial R.C. ‘detective’ suspected to be murder.

He eventually found that both persons, who had advanced cancer, had been gassed. A person who believed in euthanasia had provided them each with a gas mask and a bottle of gas (did not say which gas) and they chose to self-deliver.

The story was set between l945-50 UK because there was talk of food rationing.
The Euthanasia Society in London was formed in l935 and a bill on assisted suicide  failed in Parliament in 1936, as it still does. But the subject was then very little known.

I suspect the script writer used today’s open knowledge of inert gas self-deliverance to reach back 60 years for a story line. Father Brown naturally did not approve, but the program was not  on the whole judgemental.  Unusual.

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