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It has always been a puzzle that the UK has made
no progress in choices-in-dying legislation despite many other countries have done so. Since 1936 there have about 12 attempts at law reform in the Westminster parliament — all failed. And this is supposed to be the ‘mother of democracies’!
Reading the new opinion poll underlines the gap:

More than 90% of the UK’s population believes assisted dying should be legalized for those suffering from terminal illnesses, according to an opinion poll that shows growing support for change to the law.

A survey carried out by the campaign group My Death, My Decision (MDMD) also found that 88% of respondents considered it acceptable for dementia sufferers to receive help to end their lives, provided they consented before losing their mental capacity.

The results have been released as the Royal College of Physicians polls its members in March on whether they back a change to the ban on the right to die.

The MDMD poll was conducted by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) and involved 2,500 respondents. A previous survey carried out by Dignity in Dying in 2015 found that 82% of people supported assisted dying.

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Amazon.com ranking for “Final Exit’ on 02/13/2019 :

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #18,411 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

#1 in Books > Law > Health & Medical Law > Right to Die
#1 in Books > Law > Estate Planning > Living Wills
#41 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Sociology > Death

‘Final Exit’ is also available — with 2019 Addendum and signed by author Derek Humphry — at

Paperback or E-Book pdf download. And on KINDLE.

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This spring, Oregon legislators will debate updating and
improving the l998 OREGON DEATH WITH DIGNITY ACT, which was a landmark in its day but many think needs modifications, especially to include degenerative illnesses (now only terminal illness). This letter makes the point:

LETTER TO THE EDITOR of the Eugene Register-Guard, Oregon
11 February 2019

Many Oregonians still not able to die a dignified death

In August of 2018, I found my significant other of 24 years lying in the backyard. He had shot himself in the head with a .38-caliber pistol about a month before his 80th birthday.

My partner had suffered with unbearable pain for more than two years after failed back surgery. He also had a number of other major medical issues. We had sought help from numerous physicians. We told professionals he was considering suicide to end his pain, but received NO help other than prescription drugs, which gave him little relief with debilitating side effects. The doctors, lining their pockets, just passed him around, collecting their fees but doing nothing for him.

He had expressed his desire to die with dignity, but he was not terminal. He suffered with pain at Continue Reading »

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Be advised that there are some web sites which are
stealing bits of genuine information from reputed ‘right-to-die’ organizations (such as ERGO, Final Exit, Exit International, Exit Scotland) and telling teenagers — notably in the UK — how to commit suicide.
Google is good about removing these offensives web
sites once it is informed, but sometimes it is too late.
The rogue sites swiftly change their names or platforms.
The reputable choice in dying groups have always been
the suppliers of reliable background information for the advanced terminally ill and degeneratively ill competent adult.
Check up via
www.worldrtd.net for authentic international listings.

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The Guardian in London printed this lengthy article which is well worth taking the time to read…..

Death on demand: has euthanasia gone too far?

Countries around the world are making it easier to choose the time and manner of your death. But doctors in the world’s euthanasia capital are starting to worry about the consequences

By Christopher de Bellaigue
18 Jan 2019

Last year a Dutch doctor called Bert Keizer was summoned to the house of a man dying of lung cancer, in order to end his life. When Keizer and the nurse who was to assist him arrived, they found around 35 people gathered around the dying man’s bed. “They were drinking and guffawing and crying,” Keizer told me when I met him in Amsterdam recently. “It was boisterous. And I thought: ‘How am I going to cleave the waters?’ But the man knew exactly what to do. Suddenly he said, ‘OK, guys!’ and everyone understood. Everyone fell silent. The very small children were taken out of the room and I gave him his injection. I could have kissed him, because I wouldn’t have known how to break up the party.”

Keizer is one of around 60 physicians on the books of the Levenseindekliniek, or End of Life Clinic, which matches doctors willing to perform euthanasia with patients seeking an end to their lives, and which was responsible for the euthanasia of some 750 people in 2017. For Keizer, who was a philosopher before studying medicine…… SNIPPED….

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This posting reinforces what I’ve said always: To
obtain drugs for self-deliverance from unbearable illness from Mexico you have to go there. Not always possible of course. I repeat: mail orders for Nembutal from Mexico are nearly all scams.
Name: Alberto B
Purchasing Pisabental in Mexico

Last month I went to Valladolid, that is 150 km from Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Went to two veterinarian shops. Both offered to sell me Pisabental, no question asked. Got one bottle (expire 2019). Paid the equivalent to US 40.00.

(PISABENTAL® is sodium pentobarbital (also known as Nembutal)

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Veteran of 40 years involvement with the right-to-die movement, in the USA and worldwide, Sidney D. Rosoff died on 4 January 2019 at his home in New York after a long illness. He was 94.

He was president of the Hemlock Society USA 1992-1995, previously chairman of the Society for the Right to Die, and founding president of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies in l980.

Born in New York City on 13 December l924, Sidney served in US Army Air Corps 1943-1946. He graduated from New York University 1949 and from Harvard Law School 1952.

As partner with several NYC law firms, Sidney specialized in estate planning, trusts and estate administration, charitable organizations and foundations.

His other deep interest, along with his wife Joann, was the American Craft Council, on the board of which he served 1983-1993.

Derek Humphry writes: “Sidney was always the peacemaker in a movement known for its controversial positions and highly opinionated colleagues. His low-key manner and lawyer skills settled many an argument.

“In the l970s when the issue of choice in dying well surfaced in a big way, and a handful of involved groups around the world were emerging in disjointed fashion, Sidney and myself put together the framework of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies and got it launched at a disputatious conference in Oxford in l980. Sidney wrote the by-laws and set up the foundation.

“Then the Federation had 27 groups from 18 nations; today it embraces 51 groups from 26 countries. Despite his physical limitations from a stroke, Sidney took part in the Federation’s 2014
conference in Chicago hosted by the Final Exit Network.”

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People desperate to buy the barbiturates Nembutal and Seconal are being taking advantage of by crooks
all over the world. There are at least 40 such web
sites which are fraudulent. The tricksters want
$500-$800 USD to be wired.

The following vital scam information is from the December 2018 issue newsletter of Exit International run by Dr. Philip Nitschke, who operates out of Australia and the Netherlands
Dr. Nitschke writes: Online Nembutal Scammers

2018 was a very successful year for online Nembutal Scammers!

Not only are Scammers using websites & email addresses, but this year saw them launch into the messaging service What’s App, the professional networking site Linked In & WordPress Blogs,in addition to websites & emails.

And they are using iTunes and Amazon gift cards, in addition to Western Union and Bitcoins to get paid.

In short, you can now be scammed by a range of means if you are searching online to buy Nembutal. And they come from as far afield as the US, Ukraine & Cameroon to name a few.

And, yes, a lot of them sound like Exit International & The Peaceful Pill eHandbook. (Or Final Exit or Derek Humphry)

• Euthanasia International
• Peaceful Pill Directory (above)

All are SCAMS! Caveat Emptor

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Assisted suicide used to be a taboo subject
but now, as VARIETY magazine reports, it’s a
plot in a forthcoming TV comedy series! Progress?

‘Veep’ Star Timothy Simons to Develop Assisted-Suicide Comedy at HBO
By Joe Otterson

Variety has learned that the “Veep” star is developing a half-hour comedy at the premium cabler HBO titled “Exit Plans.”

In the series, when assisted suicide is legalized in 2019, a man from California opens a small business helping people transition into death peacefully while struggling to keep a hold of his crumbling personal life. In short, he’s trying to figure out his life while ending yours.

Simons will write, executive produce, and star in the series with Will Graham also executive producing under his Field Trip Productions banner.

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December 2018

Dear friends and subscribers,

It is the time of the year that I ask you to please make a tax-deductible contribution to help ERGO continue with its work.

What does ERGO do?

(a) Manages the Right-to-Die Listserv, supplying news relevant to the death-with-dignity movement. The email news list currently has 3,400 subscribers, many in the United States and Canada, but also around the world;

(b) Speaks with anxious people every day who make contact about problems with a dying situation, their own or family;

(c) Actively works with EndChoices, a new group campaigning to improve the Oregon Death with Dignity Act so as to include degenerative illness and to modify its Advance Directive. I’m on its Board, which meets at my home;

(d) Speaking engagements on the West coast (most recently San Diego, CA, Florence, OR, and Seattle, WA);

(e) Briefs news media, writers and students on the background and history of the death-with-dignity movement;

(f) Provides quality literature [Final Exit etc.] on request about ways to self-deliver from a terminal or degenerative illness. Book sales help fund ERGO;

(g) ERGO supplies vital information on euthanasia generally at two web sites and a popular blog. (www.finalexit.org / www.assistedsuicide.org / www.assisted-dying.org);

(h) In addition to running ERGO, I’m chairperson of the advisory board of the Final Exit Network which I helped found in 2003. Since it was formed in 1989, I’ve been liaison officer to NUTECH, a restricted international group seeking legal, non-medical ways of self-deliverance.

ERGO is a tiny organization with a loud voice. Nonprofit, tax-deductible since 1993. Staff is only me, with on-call support services. No office rent. But technical support, utilities, travel, advertising, internet fees, telephone and postage are considerable.

ERGO needs your support in whatever sum you feel is right. Contributions are tax deductible 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. ERGO tax ID # is 93-1118314

Please submit your contribution via this link to the ERGO Store:

Or in the regular mail to: ERGO, 24829 Norris Lane, Junction City, Oregon 97448, USA

Remember: Contributions to ERGO are tax-deductible and purchases from the ERGO Bookstore support ERGO.

Have a good life, and a good death. Thank you.

Derek Humphry, journalist & author
President ERGO

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