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The New York Times for 19 Sept.22 has this article:

Is Choosing Death Too Easy in Canada?

Since the government expanded the eligibility for assisted death last year to include those with disabilities, critics have been saying there should be more checks and balances.

Canada is among 12 countries and several American states where assisted death is permitted in certain circumstances. Since last year, it has been one of at least three — including Belgium and the Netherlands — that allow an assisted death if the person is suffering from a chronic painful condition, even if that condition is not terminal.

Although the Canadian law was hotly debated in 2016, when it was originally enacted, it has won broad public acceptance since then, with polls showing strong support. Through December of 2021, 31,664 Canadians have received assisted deaths. Of those, 224 who died last year were not terminally ill, taking advantage of last year’s amendment.

Read the entire article at the N Y T for Sept. 19

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