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Montana Senate rejects bill banning doctor-assisted suicide

The Montana Senate has rejected a measure that would have made it illegal for doctors and caregivers to help terminally ill people kill themselves.
House Bill 505 was struck down 15 April 2013 in a 27-23 floor vote.
The Montana Supreme Court had ruled in 2009 that nothing in state law
prohibits assisted suicide, effectively making Montana the third state
to allow it
. The Legislature previously failed to pass a bill regulating
the act, and this proposal would have criminalized it.
The bill’s sponsor said the plan would clarify the court ruling by unequivocally outlawing the procedure.
Other supporters of the bill said physician-assisted suicide is a recipe for elder abuse and the government has a responsibility to protect the vulnerable older population.
But assisted-suicide backers from both sides of the aisle argued the
procedure preserves the dignity and rights of the dying.

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