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I just read Richard Cote’s “In Search of Gentle Death” and applaud his
extensive knowledge in this thorough account of the Hemlock movement. It
was especially nostalgic for me, as a former member of the national
board from 1993-99.
Although my chapter, “Connecticut Hemlock Society”, is no longer active, there is still an interest in how to end our lives peacefully. People will
call me on occasion to talk and get information.
This book is a MUST for your library. I was especially interested in
hearing how dying with dignity was dealt with in other countries and he
covered this topic extensively. I didn’t want the book to end and hope
the States that permit referendums will be successful in passing laws.
Because this is such a volatile topic for legislators, who fear not
being re-elected because of offending “the religious right”, we can’t
expect success unless the people have their independent vote.
I’d like to see a sequel to Cote’s book on this subject. Good luck,
Dick! I’m recommending the book to everyone I speak to.
—Ilene Kaplan
Founder, Ct. Hemlock Society (1989-2005)
Footnote: Cote’s book is available from Amazon.com
or direct from its publisher, Corinthian Books, SC www.corinthianbooks.com

The story of Hemlock on Wikipedia at

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